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Jenka Lab

JENKA LAB develops games for slot machines popular in the United States. The company frequently participates in exhibitions, where design is quite traditional and reserved across the industry.

Jenka Lab

The company frequently participates in professional exhibitions where design is quite traditional and reserved across the industry.

JENKA LAB represents a new generation of projects in this field and offers a modern style of business and game development.

Jenka Lab
Corporate Branding
Corporate Identity
3D Graphics
Motion Design
Exhibition Design
Jenka Lab
Jenka Lab
Jenka Lab


One of the priority tasks was to participate in a large exhibition of gaming equipment manufacturers and update all related media: website, printed materials, and booth design.

The logo had been legally certified before the start of the project, and the new corporate style had to correspond to the already established aesthetic.

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The chosen aesthetic for this project, reminiscent of eight-bit slot machine games, is understandable and familiar to JENKA LAB's nostalgic audience while also standing out favorably among communications from other game manufacturers.

The illustration for the project is inspired by platformer games, showing both the upper and lower worlds simultaneously.

In the upper world, characters from different JENKA LAB game plots reside, while the lower world represents the behind-the-scenes aspect of the project, including the assembly and delivery of game boards for slot machines.

On the website and in printed materials, we proposed using elements of platformer game interfaces: stylized buttons, arrows, and life bars.

Additionally, in digital communications and in the AR layer, which served as a highlight for the exhibition booth, we used techniques and sound effects reminiscent of classic platformer game animation.

Jenka Lab
Jenka Lab
Jenka Lab
Jenka Lab